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Be prepared for incidents with an information security strategy.

It is important for IT leaders to recognise that their organisation is going to be targeted and attacked. With this premise in mind, your security team can become more proactive rather than reactive by developing a plan around it.

Utilize Provention’s approach to developing a security strategy and evolve a proactive security programme.

Organizations must prepare for unavoidable security breaches

of businesses have experienced an external threat in the last year
of IT professionals consider security to be their number one priority
of organisations reported an insider attack in the last year.
of businesses believe the attack frequency is on the rise

Provention’s Security Strategy Model

An information security strategy model that is:

Provention’s Approach

Creating an information security strategy

Evolve your security program to be more proactive by leveraging Provention’s approach to building a security strategy:

  • Dive deep into security obligations and security pressures to define the business context

  • Conduct a thorough current state and future state analysis that is aligned with a best-of-breed framework

  • Prioritise gap-closing initiatives to create a living security strategy roadmap

Value to the Business Outcome
Best-of-breed security strategy Documentation that depicts the journey to compliance. Integrate risk tolerance and external forces into your framework Align your security strategy with security framework best practices to prepare for future changes
Examine present data security Eliminate process gaps and understand the scope of your security plan. Learn about pressures your company and industry face Gain understanding of the current state, allowing you to prioritise high-value tasks while moving to a desired state.
Identify gaps in current security plan To satisfy the needs of your security shortfalls, pivot and modify your focus Instead of haphazard projects, know what needs fixing and how to prioritise security issues.
Tangible roadmap to your target state Create a plan for your future state of information security. Refer to and update your target state as business needs change. Keep track of your current and future development. Be clear about your objectives and expectations in a living document
Take advantage of pre-populated deliverables Let Provention do the difficult lifting. Have finished deliverables to represent your company needs A thorough collection of deliverables that includes concrete, defensible evidence to back up any business decisions
A living security strategy To satisfy the needs of your security shortfalls, pivot and modify your focus. Prepare for every eventuality by future-proofing your security approach

Provention’s Best-of-Breed Security Framework

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