3rd Party Assurance

Modern organisations, on the whole, are part of a wider supply chain or share information with partners & providers at some level. Maybe you outsource to other service providers.

It is becoming increasingly common for an organisation to be targeted by exploiting vulnerabilities in their partners organisation. Network access or sharing of information with an unsecure partner puts you at risk regardless of your own security.

Third Party Assurance will identify whether your partners have sufficient controls in place and adhere to applicable guidelines ensuring you are protected financially and legally, and assets are not susceptible to threats beyond your control.

Cyber Security

With the rapid development of cyber risks, effective cyber security risk management is becoming more important than ever.

Protecting your Systems & Network secures the data you hold, process & transmit.

Leverage the knowledge and skills of our experts to develop practical recommendations and outcomes designed to help your business optimise the cost and agility benefits of cloud computing whilst developing strategies to mitigate risks.

Cloud-based SaaS, IaaS, PaaS deployments are gaining broad organisational acceptance from businesses, however, successful cloud adoption is dependent on a number of factors; integration with existing architecture, understanding security risks, managing loss of control, legal and regulatory requirements, cyber security planning, ROI considerations, implementation costs, internal policies and procedures, business continuity and disaster recovery, and service provider selection process.

We can work with you to cut through the complexities of the evolving cloud landscape

Security Architecture & Design

As experts in security technologies and security threats, our architects can design and implement infrastructure which emphasize cybersecurity, ensuring that your IT security is aligned with your business strategy.  Our bespoke engineering patterns can operationalise security architecture within an environment, whilst seamlessly bringing together the trigger of controls, capabilities, and consumable services at project and programme level.

We understand the need for alignment with an organisation’s internal Enterprise Architecture function, and our expertise can help integrate the two processes and add value in, both, Waterfall and Agile models

Security Strategy

A good cyber security strategy will keep your organisation up to date with the ever changing threat landscape. Greatly mitigating risks & reducing impact of any breaches while assisting in recovery if any new vulnerability is exploited.

Our delivery of a Cloud Transformation Programme Security strategy describe a cohesive enterprise approach for standardised, reliable and scalable security as it relates to the organisation’s use of public or private cloud hosting platforms and Cloud Service Provider’s technologies.

Our strategy puts forward architectural goals that address specific and significant risks to an organisation’s environment, as well as setting strategic direction.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

GRC frameworks for strategic competitive advantage can only be leveraged, by identifying the right standards: for tooling controls with risk tolerance, and appetite, developed to acceptance; and impact analysis built in.

We help you tweak, improve and implement well designed documentation that is fit for purpose but not overdesigned to become labour intensive, excessive or silos.

By conducting layered risk assessments, we help determine residual risks and more invasive inherent ones that might develop over time if undetected.

Unification, consolidation and integrating management systems in a matrix environment can certainly accelerate any initiatives to eliminate information silos, we partner you to identify and categorise owners, and where it resides, from creation and maintenance to archiving.

Thus, by centralising critical data into a repository that stores and cross-references all your essential information, we support compliance audit learnings so that you can source evidence assuredly.

Our focus is across the enterprise even cross-border, allowing top-down vantage points; of tangible success factors: embedded into a risk solution to meet current objectives, yet flexible enough to adapt to future needs.