Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is an effective way to ensure staff are aware of sophisticated threats, understand procedures and the importance of following them to minimise risk and keep data assets safe. Provention can provide a range of training solutions for staff at all levels of an organisation, from non-technical or casual staff to senior managers and directors, we can be as technical or non-technical as required. Human error is one of the biggest causes of data breaches, staff in every organisation, from micro-businesses to multinationals, must understand the dangers and their role in keeping organisation’s safe and secure. Provention can design and run training programmes that are bespoke and suitable for a range of timescales, budgets, and sectors.

of data breaches are caused by human error
of employees commit security-related mistakes
Spoofed phishing emails are send every day
of all data breaches relate to a phishing attack

Benefits of Training Staff

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