Being careful during the festive period:

Its important that online shoppers are aware of the risks of cyber-fraud during this festive season.

The National Cyber Security Center is launching a major campaign called Cyber Aware with its first ever TV advertisements.

According to NCSC last year’s Christmas shopping period, there was an average loss of £775 per incident from online shopping fraud. Due to COVID-19, more people will be doing their festive shopping online this year.

You can improve your cyber security by taking these 5 actions:

  • Use a strong and separate password for your email
  • Create strong passwords using three random words
  • Turn on two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Update your devices and apps
  • Back up your data

How can you stay secure whilst shopping online?

Don’t open anything through a link on email/text message:

If you receive a text message or email that includes a special offer, don’t use the link in the message, just search for the company web address in your browser and follow the search results.

Search up the company’s reputation:

To check that the company is legitimate, you can read feedback from trusted websites or people you know.

Paying for items:

If you checkout as guest it prevents the company from keeping a copy of your details and reduce the risk of getting hacked. If you want to create an account, use a strong password that includes capital letters, numbers, special characters etc…

Look for the closed padlock in the browsers address bar:

Finding the closed padlock not guarantee that the website is legitimate but shows that the connection is secure meaning others can’t see the information that you send. If it does not include the padlock, do not purchase anything from the website.

Consider using an online payment platform:

An example of a payment platform would be PayPal, google pay, apple pay as these won’t share your payment details with the retailer.

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